Bride Preparations

We offer 5 great-value wedding packages at fixed all-inclusive prices. We don’t add on any extras, or ask you to pay more for something else further down the line.

If you fall within the North West area (50 miles from Blackpool) area, the prices below apply. If you think you’re further afield please contact us and we can make arrangements for you.

We deliver your films on fully authored DVDs with menus and Chapters. We also offer digital options too such as on-line delivery, personalised USB sticks and even SD cards.


(We would ALWAYS recommend 2 cameras as it gives a much wider variety of shots/angles, the ability to see actions and reactions simultaneously. It also gives added security and greater flexibility in the editing)


Wedding Packages

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Academy Package Breakdown

break-line-3 Premiere Package Breakdown

break-line-3Paramount Package Breakdown


Oscar Package Breakdown


Hollywood Package Breakdown


Disclaimer: The duration of your wedding film depends on the length of the Ceremony and the Speeches. The package chosen is also a factor, since a package with 2-3 cameras will have more footage available to use, and can include preparations from the Bride and/or Groom. Having live entertainment and other wedding based entertainment will also extend the length of your film. The more that happens on the day, the longer the film. As a guide our films last anywhere from 45mins – 2hrs, all finished with a complimentary highlights montage at the end. The times stated in our price list are approximations based on a traditional church service and 3 wedding speeches.



All packages include:

– First copy delivered no later than 1 month after the wedding date. Why should the buzz of your wedding stop after you’ve finished the honeymoon? Our service ensures your first copy of your wedding day film will be waiting for you as soon as you get back. Perfect to watch whilst unwrapping your wedding gifts, re-living it over again but this time being able to see all those things you may have missed during that special whirlwind of a day. Whilst 1 month is always our aim, busy periods can sometimes affect delivery times by a few weeks. We would always keep you informed of any changes or updates to your delivery time. 


– Opening titles & Highlights Movie as standard. Every film includes opening titles and a 3-4 minute highlights movie which includes all the best moments from the day. Normally in slow-motion, it can be in the traditional black and white or in stylized colour if you’d prefer; all cut to your favourite song or piece of music. We’ll agree the details with you before the big day.


– Filming in Full HD on broadcast quality 3-chip CMOS cameras.


– A continuous recording of the wedding. Some Videographers, particularly those using DSLR cameras, may not be able to record continuously for more than about 12 minutes for technical reasons. You may thus be offered ‘highlights’ of the ceremony or speeches. We film the whole event in its entirety, as it should be.


– Audio recorded on broadcast quality microphones and additional audio set-up as and when required to ensure best audio quality on the day.


– A mixture of tripod, steadicam & hand-held camera-work by a courteous and experienced camera operator accredited by us. A tripod will be used for ceremony and speeches to ensure a steady picture, and other parts of the day may be hand-held to allow the operator freedom to capture the best possible shots.


– A choice of DVD and/or HD USB files. The choice is yours, you can even mix and match and have both so you can send copies to relatives or play/stream to your Smart TV!


– Your choice of music. The finished film will include your favourite music choices which we use to cover the action where appropriate. This includes the opening titles, end highlights movie and closing credits (see below).


– Every package includes our travel costs, a PRS music licence, your editing and authoring costs, and any other expenses we may incur. For you – the price you choose is the price you pay. That’s it, no hidden costs!

We think our choice of packages covers most eventualities, but if you have special requirements, or you want something that’s not included, please get in touch and we’ll do our very best to help you. Contact us HERE or call us on 01253 310725.