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Fylde Wedding Films offers a unique and economical service that combines both film and photography. Why should you have to choose between film or photography? Have both, thanks to improvements in our 4k technology we are able to film your entire wedding AND provide excellent still photos, generated from the video footage. A wedding photographer may shoot hundreds of photos during the course of an average wedding, but we film 25 pictures every second. This gives us literally thousands to choose from!

This is a great and economical way to get both a film of your wedding day and a collection of pictures to treasure for years to come. We must stress that whilst we can extract beautiful and quality shots from the footage, our primary function is that of film-makers and not a wedding photographer.

This represents a huge saving over the cost of separate Photographers and Videographers. You will also receive your final images digitally on a personalised USB stick.

Photos produced this way are of good quality, and are also graded and edited to produce the best possible results. We will supply 150-200 still images depending on the size of the event. We do not supply photos in book/album format as we aim to provide an economical service that enables clients to enjoy both photos and video at an affordable price. If we think our service is not suitable for your wedding or your requirements we will advise you, and offer one of our wedding photographers.

A few example images taken from our footage