Here at Fylde Wedding Films we understand how much planning goes into a wedding day, and how many questions there can be. We’re always happy to answer any you may have. below are the most common faqs we get asked.

Why have your wedding day filmed by Fylde Wedding Films?

Your wedding day is an unrepeatable once-in-a-lifetime, event. So why burden the responsibility of making a priceless recording of the biggest day in your lives on some poor relative with his un-tested new camcorder? Chances are you’ll end up with a three hour tape of muffled audio and grainy visuals with the date and time stamped in the corner. Why take the risk?

We use broadcast quality equipment, and our crews have the technical expertise to get the best results. Our post production is done using the latest AVID editing technology, that allows us to grade the pictures, and mix the sound to the highest standards, and your finished film is presented on a DVD or digitally that you and your family will cherish forever.


How long will my wedding film be?

Generally the duration of your wedding film depends on the length of the Ceremony and the Speeches. The package chosen is also a factor, since a package with 2-3 cameras will have more footage available to use, and can include preparations from the Bride and/or Groom. Having live entertainment and other wedding based entertainment will also extend the length of your film. The more that happens on the day, the longer the film. As a guide our films last anywhere from 45mins – 2hrs, all finished with a complimentary highlights montage at the end.


What area do you cover?

We’re based in Blackpool, but we will travel up to 60 miles around Lancashire at no additional cost to you to film your wedding. Effectively that includes Preston, Cheshire, Lancaster, Southport, Bolton, Manchester, Blackburn, Burnley, and as far north as Carnforth and the Lake District! If you are outside our region please still get in touch and we can work out the best filming package for you.


We’ve booked a photographer, won’t that be enough?

Well not necessarily. There are many photographers of quality out there and the formal and candid shots in the album more often than not look fantastic. However a picture is simply that. Video captures the wedding in a different way with movement, sounds and personality, truly capturing the atmosphere of the big day, especially the Ceremony and the Speeches. Sharing videos online is now as easy as pictures so why not have both?

Being able to sit down in years time with children and watch the wedding day, sharing and reliving those emotions again as if they were yesterday – Priceless! It’s also a perfect way of immortalizing family and friends on film forever, a visual memory. Both video and photo have their own merits, and where possible having both at the wedding should be sought.


Can we choose what music to include in our wedding day film?

Yes, absolutely. It’s your film at the end of the day so will ask you to provide us with your choice of music before the wedding so that we can start editing as soon as possible after your big day. The only exception is the music track we use for your complimentary highlights montage that goes online, that track will be chosen by one of our editors in keeping with the feel and mood of your wedding film. You can provide us with music on CDs, or as MP3 files. We can also download your choice of music on your behalf from sites such as iTunes and/or Amazon.


We want to send a copy to a relative/friend who lives abroad. Can we get a copy that is compatible with DVD players in other regions?

We deliver primarily on USB, giving you a digital file. This is easy to upload online at a private link or send via a transfer site. If a DVD has been purchased we are able to convert your film from PAL (the UK TV system) to NTSC that is compatible with players in the US. Please contact us for more information as we’re happy to advise on the best option.


Why have more cameras?

This is the question we get asked more than any other. We will always place the cameras in the best positions we can, having more simply allows us to capture more angles and reactions and reduce the risk of missing anything due to being blocked etc… remember that we only get 1 chance to capture that special moment sometimes. A good example might be a reading from a family member during a church service. Although we have positioned the camera to get the best possible shot of the bride and groom during the ceremony, a reader may stand in such a way that he or she is not clearly visible to the camera. A second or third camera removes any chance of this happening and also allows far more interesting editing. For example, during speeches, we can show you not only who’s making the speech, but the reaction to it!


How do you film the wedding?

We’ll liaise with you before the wedding date to ensue we have all the necessary information for the big day. This is usually done through email and phone calls for convenience, however we are more than happy to meet prior and even attend a rehearsal if necessary. It’s very important to us on the day to blend in with your guests, in order to minimise any attention to the camera(s), which is why our crew will always be dressed discreetly. Our style is to capture the story of the day as it happens live, through the use of candid and general atmospheric shots. There are times when romantic shots will be filmed, which often coincides with the photographer’s and last little more than 10mins. Speeches, cake cutting and the first dance are filmed live and our crew know the best techniques to best cover the action. Ultimately we want you to feel completely at ease on your special day and enjoy it so we’ll do our utmost on our part to make sure that happens.


Can I see the edited version before my film is made?

Yes, you will be able to view the edit of your film, either online, or on DVD. At this stage the video will have a time-code clock burnt-in to the picture which will allow you to pinpoint any changes you want made as accurately as possible. Your final version will be ‘clock’-free!


Will our wedding day film be used on your show-reel or other promotional material?

Unless you specifically request that you do not want us to be able to use footage recorded at your wedding, we reserve the right to use footage/stills for promotional purposes. This includes appearing on our show-reel, website and Facebook page.  If we want to use the material for broadcast or commercial purpose we will seek your agreement before doing so. This excludes the use of media for news purposes.


Do you require a deposit/booking fee?

We require a £250, non refundable booking fee in order to secure the wedding date with us. The balance is due no later than 2 weeks before the filming date.


How do we pay?

We will issue you with an invoice with our bank details. You can pay by electronic transfer or by PAYPAL. Please contact us for more information.


Can we have our film in another format other than HD USB?

Yes. The Hollywood Package gives you your wedding film AND Highlights as a digital file on USB and 2 DVDs. The personalised USB stick lets you copy your film onto your computer to watch there, or stream to other devices in your home. For all other packages DVD delivery is available for just £25.00. Please contact us for more information.


We think our choice of packages covers most eventualities, but if you have special requirements, or you want something that’s not included, please get in touch and we’ll do our very best to help you. Contact us HERE or call us on 01253 310725.